Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Wanted to let you know what i've been up to lately.

I just finished up a special order for two monkeys, using the girls' favorite colors, etc.. Sunnie and Bubbles have been re-homed, and are having a blast.

Next, while stuffing my monkeys, for some reason, i thought of chickens. So with that, I created BJ, my corny game hen. BJ is still available at the TDIPT mercantile. He is SO cute, i think i'll be doing more chickens. So BJ will be number 01.

pssst... can you see a theme here? I'm suddenly quite fond of TEETH!!!!!!

And lastly, I have decided to take orders on Pet Portraits. I will paint a primitive likeliness of your pet. Portraits will be done on 8x10 canvas. Three week lead time as of right now. Email me for other details:

Here is a custom portrait I did of a chocolate lab.

And with that, i'm off for more bbq and sunshine. Happy Day All!

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TheCrankyCrow said...

LOVE your newest creations - all of them! And those pet portraits are going to be fantastic!! I can only imagine what you'll come up with!! Hope you share some with us!! Have a wonderful holiday doing what, and being with those, you love best! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin