Monday, October 4, 2010

TDIPT Offerings - October 1rst

Decorating my house is so much fun for me. I've always wanted to hang white, Christmas lights on my beams. These lights make me smile :)

First for TDIPT, I am offering my favorite piece of the season. My polka dot witch. I made her from head to toe, including her little stand.

Made from the fun, Hudson Holidays Pattern.

Next, I am offering my newest pattern and prototype. Prim Tabletop Pumpkin:

Head over now to see more unique art from this talented group!!!



just me said...

shirley hudson is a friend of mine, love your witch!!!

Papaw's Girl said...

The lights on your beams are lovely. I wish I had beams to light! Very inspiring.

Annie said...

Thank you Just Me! I love Shirley's patterns! They are wonderful!

Papaw's Girl, this is something i've always wanted to try. I love them so much! They make me smile! I'm glad they made you smile too :)

PrimitiveJan said...

Stopping by to say Hi! Love all your newest creations. Can't stay long but just wanted to see what you have been up too.
Hug my prim friend.