Saturday, May 15, 2010

May Offerings

Hello Friends! It's that time of month again! Stop by Simply Primitives to see all the pretty things my friends and I have created.

This month, i'm offering two of my portraits, in hand-made frames.

First I have Abigail, in a tombstone style frame:

And for fun, i've chosen to offer my Sam!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Looking forward to getting my garden in next week! Here she is waiting to spread her legs: All organic and heirloom :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy May!

Hello Friends!

I've been busy working on my gardens. I just love it!!! Putting my hands in the dirt makes me happy!

Here are a few pictures to enjoy:

Miller is trusting us more every day. He actually makes eye contact with a camera now! As long as it is attached to his mommy.

Mr. Marshall is as handsome as ever.

And meet Toni. Believe it or not, a stray and wild guinea fowl has decided that this would be a wonderful place to call home. Where to find a proper house for her/him...

Hope you all find time to enjoy each day. Hugs, Sunshine and Daydreams.