Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Yes I Did!

I closed my ebay store!

Will I occasionally sell on ebay? Yes!

But for now, I have decided to make a point, and let ebay know (in a grain of sand sort of way) that they cannot get away with their big shot ways without concequence.

So I guess this means I better get serious about getting a website ready!

In the meantime, I will sell on etsy, and on my galleries every month. And occasionally, on ebay, in auction style format, along with my artsy sisters.

And, of course, I will start to offer things here, in my dusty, little, Chickadee Annex.

Now, how about an update on Miller Blue!

Miller is approximately 7 months old, granting that the information that he was surrendered with is accurate.

His Mama was finally adopted and will undergo a complete hip replacement using funds raised by the RI SPCA. Orthopedists say this is due to a trama, poor thing. She's only three! Miller's sister has been found to have a broken rib that went unattended as well, and has healed improperly. So it's safe to say that they were definately abused, as well as neglected, and it makes me so angry!

Miller has probably tripled in weight since we got him in December. I realized last night, while watching him sleep, his intercostals (in between ribs) has grown. He had no real rib cage when he got here...his little body was very "flat". He looked like he was 120 years old, and his eyes had no expression. He could have passed for a stuffed dog.

Now he's got little buns, and little muscles all over. He makes funny, chirping and howling noises when I am preparing his supper. But he is still frightened when I have the food dish in my hands..He's finishing up his first puppy class, where we opted for socialization in leux of obedience. He has made HUGE strides! So we will be doing another puppy class, and this time, focusing on obedience more, as he is now a typical, and somewhat manic, puppy.

Here's a picture of Miller and his big brother, Marshall, after knocking me over onto the floor as I tried to get a picture of them..

Aren't we all lucky to have found one another...

Hugs and Kisses!

Annie la Chickadee-dee-dee


Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

Oh Annie! Thanks for the Miller Blue Update! Girl, he looks like a totally different soul! How blessed you both are to have found each other. Thanks so much for your caring heart & for rescuing another "unwanted". You are so very special! My fave pic is the one of you being "luved" on the floor by your two hairy hunks! LOL!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

giggles!! Those 2 kids of yours make me laugh!! I am sooo glad you all found each other!! what a happy family you make!!! :O)

Happy Hump Day!!

Attic Rags said...

It great to have people like you in the world .

lovetheprimlook said...

I am totally with you on the Feebay. I will follow your goodies any place you decide to offer them :) Miller Blue is such a handsome boy and really loves his new family. God Bless ya are an angel !!!
Hugs, Angie

Sandy said...

That is so nice to see you have given him a home of love. I never will understand why people abuse these poor inicent animals. If you can't give them what they need then don't get one. He looks like a super happy puppy :)

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Annie he is beautiful and so lucky to have you! With the love and guidance you are giving him he will flourish!

Dana said...

Annie, one of the decisions I made when I decided to come back to selling my work was to skip ebay save for the occasional auction when it's part of a collaborative effort. I think you will do well with all of your other venues ... your work shines no matter where you're offering it. :~)

Thanks for the update on Mr. Miller, too. He looks so very different already in such a brief time, but that's because he has so much love and compassion being with you. You are both so lucky to have found each other!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, Chickie!