Sunday, January 31, 2010

February Thaw?

Not so sure about that! :)

Our Humble Arts group is doing an Alice in Wonderland theme this month! There are so many unique things to be offered! You have to stop by and take a peek!!!

I decided to go with The White Rabbit. Here is a preview of my version:

For TDIPT, I decided to try my hand at an old style Valentine portrait. Pieces using seashells were made by sailors back in the day, and sent home to their loved ones. Here is my version, building from my own, original, sillhouette portrait, still wet in the photo..

Hope you all enjoyed your January!


Friday, January 15, 2010

January Deep Freeze and Artist Offerings

Deedee always said that snow was "Poor Man's Fertilizer." Well we have some great expectations for the perennials this year!

Between puppy play, shoveling snow, and cleaning up after a house load of monkeys (my two young pups)I managed to come up with a few items to share this month.

On Simply Primitives, you will find:

Valentine Snowman (made using my pattern)



And this cute, Primitive Angel Assemblage (SOLD, Thank you)


(SOLD, Thank you!)On the Early Works site, you will find this pretty mirror. I struggled with picture taking on this one, but take my word for it, she's pretty in person!!!



Hope your January is a great one! Mr. Miller starts his puppy class this Saturday! Wish us luck!!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

My Green Heart

Just before my Deedee went into the hospital, I came across a puppy that had a green heart on his listing. He was a special needs boy, who had been kept in a crate with his littermates, in a garage that had no windows, for the first four months of his life!

He had no human contact to speak of, and when he was surrendered to the RI SPCA, he had "malformed legs", from his lack of using them. He is extremely fearful of humans.

Following three visits to the shelter, and Deedee's passing, we adopted this puppy.

We decided to name him Miller, after her maiden name that she was so proud of; Blue, after her eyes.

He is a wonderful, little guy, who once had a very hard life, but is lucky enough to have found a family that will enable him to enjoy the rest of his life, in a way that, perhaps, he could have never dreamed.

Welcome home Miller Blue...