Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Eggs and Puppy Breath!

Marshall is very excited about his first Easter!



Happy Days!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chickadee, dee, dee.... Having a giveaway on my blog... hop on over!!! I can't see pics from work photobucket is blocked so, I can't see what you posted...waaaaahhhhh

Hugs, MO

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

Aw, Marshall is adorable!

And I love your Easter shadow box. The floral print just makes me want to sing.

Plain-n-Simple! said...

This is the absolute sweetest picture in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!! And LOVE your shadow Box! The color is wonderful!!!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Lovely Shadowbox and what a cutie Marshall is the perfect match for you.

michelle sylvia said...

Annie Boo,
Your piece is wonderful!!

That puppy is the cutest little guy ever!!! OH MY!! I want a big old puppy breath kiss!!! :0)


Doreen said...

Okay..i'm in love with little marshall..what a sweetheart..those eyes!!! Oh my gosh!

Love the shadow box Annie..I hate that I missed out on the egg parade! :(

Hugs, Doreen

Sarah said...

OMG what a sweet face!!!! Darling pup! The shadow box is darling!!!

Tammy said...

OMG, I love your Egg, and Marshall Well he is just the sweetest..What fun the Easter Parade is..Great Job to everyone..
By the way I am new to blog land..
Happy Creating!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Now if that puppydog face isn't the cutest thing I've ever seen...
What I really came for was to tell you thatI love your easter shadow box, but I got side tracked with the puppy!!!

Lana said...

Annie I LOVE the egg! And Marshall is a sweetie!

Jo James said...

Hiya Annieboo! I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your egg. AND I want to steal away your puppy! OK, maybe not STEAL, but maybe borrow :)

Hugs- Joee

Susan said...

That puppy is cute, cute, cute! Your shadow box is lovely, too! The simplicity and the colors are perfect.

Nancy Lee Malay said...

O.K., Annie, you know I love that shadow box.....but, if I had my choice, I'd take Marshall! If That little face of his is the cutest thing ever!

Have a blessed Easter!


Betsy said...

I love that shadow box Annie....and Marshall, well, he's just to dang cute!!!

Pick me Pick me!!! lol

Hugs girlfriend...

Anonymous said...

Hey sweets!!!! How is that Marshall boy... handsome as ever??!! I see you are opening a shoppe, how cool Annie... Well, add me to your mailing list, okay sister, I want to be there for the grand opening. Big Hugs, MO

Doreen said...

OH ANNIE...!!!!! This looks sooo pretty!!! Love your new blog look..and that little pup is soo darl!