Monday, March 9, 2009

Pictures that make me smile...

For a proper introduction, let's start by showing the distiguished Mr. Bibbles:


Here he is donning various hairstyles:

Hippie Bun

Corporate Bun

And Rockstar Bun


Let's not forget...BABY BUN


And my kitty train


Singin' in the bathtubbbbbb...

Willie with Frankie's doll

Willie's Fish, BIG AL


Mitta, sleeping comfortably on FRESHLY CLEANED SHEETS!! hehe

My Oldie


RIP Otis. We only got to spend 6 days with him, but he will be in our hearts forever... :(

And say hello to Marshall. After the tragedy of Otis, my husband pushed for a baby right away....I was against it, but am so happy that I listened to him for once ;)



We adopted Marshall from Tails of Grace Animal Rescue in Plattsburg, NY. He has brothers still available!!!!

Jean from bluejean primitives is trying to organize a puppy napping. Go on over to her blog and leave her a note regarding her devious plan!

Thank you all for the support during our difficult time. You helped so very much..xo


bluejeanprimitives said...

... and what a GREAT organizer I really am Miss Annie!



Sarah said...

Aww what a wonderful clan of critters!!!! Sarah

The Burlap Owl said...

I love your kitty train!!

Tina :0)

Anonymous said...

hehehehhe...Annie, you kill me!!! Love it, Love it...Jean is still plotting on how to nap your pup huh? Go figure.... Hugs, Mo

Heidi said...

My favorite is the kitty with the doll. I love how it looks like he is laughing. Pets are so fun to have around!

Dawn said...

Annie, I couldn't sleep this morning so I am up early catching up on some blog reading and I ran across yours. I smiled as i saw all your critters!! Cute babies. A quick question if I might? How did you get the papyrus font on your blog site. It is my favorite font I use in all my typing if I can. I would love to use it on my blog as well! Thanks Dawn

Village Folk Art said...

Lucky You Annie...You have a beautiful family...NOT to mention your home...'It is to die for'...Barb

Dawn said...

Annie, I went to the edit html tab, whoa, that looked intimidating! I left it alone, fearing I would do something wrong. Is there just one place to change Font or do you change every place where the word font is? dawn

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Mr. Marshal makes me wanna giggle!!! And that Mr. Bibbs too!!! What a beeee-utiful family you have!! LOL!!!


Plain-n-Simple! said...

OMG you are amazing! Either that or your pets are highly trained!! Amazing pics!!! What a lovely suprise to see all of them! Thank You for the rays of sunshine!

clothnclay said...

Oh, they make me smile too! They are all so adorable. I wouldn't get any work done, I'd be playing with them all day! Becky