Monday, December 7, 2009

Farewell My Brave and Beautiful Chickadee...

It is with a heavy heart that I have to say goodbye to my best friend and grandmother, Deedee.

She was my hero. She never met a stranger. She was the most giving person I have ever known. She never held a grudge, and smiled through even the toughest times.

Born into a family of 18 children, Deedee was humble and strong. She would give you her last slice of bread and somehow make you feel good about it.

I will miss her sun-dappled hands, and her love for getting them dirty. I will miss driving with her in the country, and doting on every tree. I will miss everything about my little cotton-haired Chickadee.

I was one of very few, fortunate to see the young girl behind her cloak of "The Strong Woman." If I could have picked her up, and cradled her in my arms, I would have. She made each one of her children and grandchildren feel special and unique. She taught us to find solace in the woods, and in hard work, and that a house is a house until you fill it with love, and let mother nature do the rest.

I am so very proud of my grandmother. The world is a different place for me now, but I will focus on the gift that I had of being connected to her the way I have been. I was lucky enough, in later years, to hold her hand, and give back to her a fraction of what she gave to me. I was more fortunate, still, that I had a chance to tell her I loved her again and again, and in the end, that she was my hero.

She is my star flower, my wintergreen berry, my lady slipper...

...She is my Princess in the Pines.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mid November Offerings

I've been a busy chickadee this month. A big thank you goes out to my friends and chickadee followers who came to see me at the shows! XO !

Sales have been good to me this month, but I still have some unsold items on Simply Primitives:

If you buy something from the SP site, and have seen it here on my blog first, please let me know, and i'll take 15% off.

Happy Holidays!





Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Decorating, Show Prep, and a gift of Freedom...

I have been very busy getting ready for my first show. It's been great, as I have a brand new studio to do it in, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

I "really" started decorating for Fall a couple of days ago. I bought some mums last week, while they were on sale, and a few pumpkins.

While I was cleaning up, getting ready for football friends, I pulled out a few, Fall things and put them out. And as I shopped for football food, I stopped by my favorite farm to get some squash. This farm still has an honor box!!! xo

So I thought i'd share some pictures with you, and hope that you'll do the same! I need some help with some areas, so post some photos on your blogs so that I can get some new ideas!

I bought this witch from Old World Primitives She is even more lovely in person..!!!


My Fall mantel (so far)

Woodbox and portrait (got the mask idea from dove grey)



My Bath








My newly inherited pie safe


Atop the fridge

A sneak peek at a piece I made for the show. I might just keep him.








And for my last 3.5 weeks of a steady, hectic, life, I purchased myself a gift of freedom from LorelieKay Designs



And I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mid-Month Offerings

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."
- George Eliot


I'm so happy to be putting out pumpkins and dressing The Nestled Inn up for Fall! Love it!!

For Early Works this month, I painted up a Fall inspired portrait of a Luna pumpkin gal, dressed to the nines. And made a pinkeep or accent pillow too. Click here to visit the gallery! Early Works


And for Simply Primitives, I created two, pretty, Fall inspired pieces; a candle box filled with dried Flax, and a pantry box filled with beeswax pumpkin ornaments and small gourds. Click here to visit the gallery! Simply Primitives


Have a great day!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

September Offerings

MMMMM MMM! Don't you love Fall in New England? I do!


Humble Arts is on Vacation this month. Lots of our group members have shows and such. Let's wish them luck! My first show is next month, and i'm getting excited!!!

So for TDIPT (To Dwell In Primitive Times) this month, I will be offering three items.

I have this cute and vintage inspired pumpkin doll. He's made from flannel and a hand sculpted, clay head, with a real pumpkin stem.


And how about this cute pumpkin gal?. She's purely primitive, and wears a homespun dress, adorned with my flea market find trim! I love this trim, and wish they had more. She's a makedo, so she stands nicely, and is perfect to add to or create a Fall vignette from. She's got a beaded grin and wool with beads for eyes. She also wears a real pumpkin stem.


Lastly, for Christmas, I created this simple, standing Belsnickel. He has a wood form inside of his body and is weighted a bit to make him stand nicely. He has wool hair and trim, and wears a Pine tree with a rusty bell added, on his cloak.


Now get out there, and go for a walk. It's a beautiful day!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pssst. .. Over Here..

I'm sitting on my front yard, sipping some delicious espresso blend. It's 6:30 a.m., and there are more crickets than birds.

Marshall is playing "Find the stick, in between high speed kitty chases," while Frank and Willie are playing, "Get away from Doggie!"

And I'm looking at today as a new beginning of sorts.

Most of you DON'T know, that I was entertaining the thought of opening a small cafe with my cousin. I was going to leave Chickadee Primitives behind, and venture out, into something i've always wanted to do.

Smack dab, in the middle of a rather hostile and complicated lease negotiation, we suddenly lost our sweetest Nonnie.

At 94, most say, "Oh, well she lived a long and happy life." But when you speak to someone just hours before they "move on", and they are their typical self; as happy as a spring chipmunk, and healthy as a horse, it is very much a shock.

Nonnie was one of my biggest fans. She believed in Chickadee Primitives from the start, and told me that she prayed each day for my success.

Yesterday, the lease for the cafe fell through, and it was a relief, as I was starting to ask myself if it really was in my heart to change paths.

So today, I am making lists. I am getting re-organized, and breathing new air into Chickadee Primitives. It feels good, and it feels right, and I'm thinking Nonnie has something to do with it.

I am wearing her fuzzy robe as we speak.


Friday, July 17, 2009

You know i'm a dreamer..

And this year, I dreamed of a green yard with flowers!

So here are some photos and tips on yard design on a dime!

We worked on this wall and steps last Fall. We had saved every rock we found while excavating to build the house. We were lucky to find some large flat ones, and tried to keep them close by for just this purpose!

This is a picture of last summer: And our Oldie Girl

Here is the same area this Spring:

And here she is now:

Here's the front yard: This is why we called the house, Trash to Treasure.

And this is the front a couple of weeks ago. Click on the picture to see Marshall running wildly at Big Will in the tree, and Frankie just sits and looks at him like he's nuts behind the rock there.

My newest bed still has a lot of work to go, but it's turning out nice for a novice!

I made the bench from an old door i've hung on to, and some large pieces of the trunk of a tree we lost during the ice storm. I just took my screw gun out there, rolled them out of the woods, and screwed the door down. haha..what would Martha say?

I have other beds going, but I don't want to bore you. So here are some tips:

1. I rarely left the house without a shovel. I have dug up so many nice things, including Lillies, Lady slipper (shh), wild Iris, tons of moss, and other neat things, especially for my shade garden.

2. I purchased perennials from local folks. Whenever I saw a sign up for plants, I'd go to their house, and i've ended up with LOTS of things this way. One man sold huge buckets of numerous plants for 5.00, and most of my hosta are from a gal here in town who cuts from her own plants, at 2.00!!!!!!! Huge, beautiful hostas! And her husband made wood lawn ornaments, like the beautiful wheelbarrow on my front yard. Very good price, and nicely done with an old, metal wheel!

3. I bought all of my perennials last year at the end of Fall. They were ugly, but cheap. Because of the good soil we had here, they tripled. Some I were able to take half of and move them to fill in.

4. I bought some plants at Lowes and others at the grocery store...when they were on sale, or buy one get one only. And I kept a mental note of what color and height i wanted in specific areas, i.e., sun, shade, etc..I also purchased at farmer's markets..I got my Solomon Seal at a farmer's market! I love that stuff!!!

5. I accept gifts. hehe My mother has given me plants, my brother dug me up a beautiful Jack in the Pulpit, a landscaper friend GAVE us the leftovers from his bark mulch jobs...!!!

6. Instead of the expense of electrical work, we opted for solar lights going up the stairs. They work great, and are a thrill to see every time I see them. I purchased those for pennies at a discount store.

7. Don't be afraid to take things from indoors to fill in spaces. I use chairs, pails, metal birdcages and even a clock in places to fill in.

I put my bunny house on stilts and created a cute vignette from it. Mr. Bibbles prefers to be indoors, so I got lucky! My brother made me the house for my birthday.

8. Most importantly, do the work yourself! Don't be afraid!

And for those of you who don't know, we lost our Oldie Girl, Ginger just recently. It is very sad not to see her face. But we are lucky to live in the country, and have made her a special resting place. I purchased a customized "house" sign, rather than a memory stone, as I wanted something with her name on it. It was a fraction of the cost too, and looks so beautiful, in my opinion. RIP my sister..xo

So for those of you who follow my blog, and have been wondering what i've been up to..this is a small example. hehe

Hugs and best wishes..


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Da Dada DAA!

I did it!

Here are my offerings for July Simply Primitives ~!

Hey, Marshall! We all know you're an angel...but get out of the way! heehee

And here are my Early Works offerings:

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!!

Hugs ~ Annie