Monday, November 10, 2008

In the meadow we can build a SNOWmannnnn....

(If Willie will cooperate, that is)

I've been inspired to try something new, and something with a vintage charm.

So last week, before our girls' first "craft night", I started his head. Waited two days, then created his personality, or at least I think.

My aunt, mother, and three cousins, decided to get together once a week to do a project. After visiting me at my show, they wanted to learn how to make some of the things I offered there.

I'll be happy when we get to something I don't know...but until then, I have my teacher hat on. he is so far. I have to put buttons on him, and do something about his feet...but he has been a true joy to work on. Willie was such a good boy, until I left the room for few husband said, "UH, ANNE ???" In his best, you're in trouble, voice. "I just pulled 3 feet of ribbon out of Willie's throat!" And the whole time he pulled, Willie tried to bat at the ribbon, as if this was the most fun he'd had in weeks...



I love my spray painted hand in this picture...never noticed it til I was in the







tattered 'n torn prims said...

Very cool project.....and what a great idea to get together with friends and family for a craft night.....are you adopting? tee hee hee!!

Have fun at your gatherings....and Willie only wanted to help....LOL!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Annie, he is a doll.. I love him!! LOL, well he is a "doll" you know what I mean... LOL... Hugs, MO

Kathy Hunka said...

Can't wait to see him complete! Love it so far! I'm a big fan of your work. Just outstanding!

Doreen said...

Annie, He's wonderful. I just love him.

That Willie is a little rascal isn't he!!!


Rachael Kinnison said...

Hes a sweeite Annie! Willy sure is getting B*I*G! Have you all had snow there yet? We have had a few times, but it has melted away....I like to enjoy the fall....but anytime AFTER Thanksgiving, Im ready for a blizzard!
xoxxoo rachael

BB said...

he has melted my heart Annie....just dear!!!

Rub Willie for me....and stay warm...

Bug Hugs,

oksana said...

:))) I like him so much!!!