Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Thyme at Nestled Inn

Okay, this post should be named, "Design on a Dime."

I'm such a cheepskate when it comes to me!

I took every single Joanne's coupon with me, and marched into the Daffodil Days sale at Joanne's Fabrics, with my Spring mantel in mind.

TaDA! Here she is! I spent 20.00!




I used my 50% off coupon on these topiaries, and the clay pots were on sale. I just printed out some wording onto plain paper, and tore them out. Tea stained them up, and viola! I planned to white wash the terra cotta, but I thought they were fine the way they were. They contrast the white wall behind them.

More clay pots, with inexpensive houses. I drilled holes into the bottoms, and stuck them into the pots too. I need to paint them, but don't know what color yet. Any suggestions?


Here's my woodbox, all dolled up. I have my grandfather's carved birdie in front, and some naturals in back. Jean, from Bluejeanprimitives sent me this cute wax basket with flax and eggs. Sharon from Homespunheartprimitives
made it.


This time of day, the sun shoots through the back of the house, and illuminates the rose window...I love it.


Yooo Hoooooo...Frankieeeee



Since I moved my sweet dollie from the woodbox, I had to find a place to put her. And since I moved my crock filled with lavender to the mantel, she had a place that suited her just fine.


I took one of my husband's birthday cards and tacked it to the beam here. The picture looks almost identical to my little dog, and so I put this here for her. Frank is more amused with it than she is.


And the moral of this story is: "It's never too late to live happily ever after."

Happy Day!


Michelle said...

gorgeous photos!

rockriverstitches said... did an awesome job with just $20 spent!! Love the pictures of your home, its beautiful! Wish I had a fireplace.


Doreen said...

All I can say Annie have amazing decorating talent...please come to my house :)

LOVE the little dog pic from your husbands b-day cute of you to put it there for your little pup :)


Susan said...

I want to come live at your house! Every thing is so wonderful!!!

Dixie Redmond said...

Love it! You are such an inspiration, Annie.

Holly Tree Primitives said...

You have a beautiful home!


The Country Junction said...

WOW! I just LOVE you home!!! It's just BEAUTIFUL!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Love your style!! $20 huh!! Wow!! That is stretching a penny for sure!!

michelle sylvia said...

Your home is so warm and inviting and very beautiful!!! I need your help decorating!! I love the big bird house in the middle. Where did you get that? I would paint the birdhouses the same color as the topiary to balance off the color on each side....but I am weird like that. I know you will choose just the right color combo.

Love the sign at the end. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Wow! Your mantle looks awesome I can`t believe you pulled it off for $20! I need to get those coupons and my butt into the car ;)

I just love your home. Thanks for sharing!


Bluejean Primitives said...

Annie your home should be featured in some huge famous magazine! It's SO gorgeous! And I love your new banners on your blog! particularly one little new picture... hehehehe

Jean :)

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

When can I move in Annie? The mantel looks have such an eye. How about painting the birdhouses a pale blue/green to compliment the egg wreath??


Prim and Proper Folks said...

You are a thrifty shopper, my friend! BUT, it's your artful eye that makes it all so beautiful together! Your home is wonderful and I always enjoy seeing what you've created, designed and arranged. Pure talent! Hugs--S

Rachael Kinnison said...

your picture perfect as always Annie! I wish we were closer to each other~ Id come give that Mr Frank a big squench! ANd WHERE is Mr Bibs????? xoxoxoxoxox

Lana said...

annie, everything is WONDERFUL!!!

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

So lovely, Annie. . . .


Debbie said...

love love love your blog. Your house looks great with all the spring things. And Joann's!!! How you could you not find amazing things for your house. It turned out great. The photos are just beautiful! Debbie

Julie said...

I love your ideas and home. I would paint the pots black!! I also have lavender--love it. It was so fun to visit your blog--come visit mine if you get a chance.

Pherenike said...

I like the quote above your door

industrialpoppy said...

My goodness-your home is unbelievably beautiful. How can you ever get anything done-I would never want to leave my house:)

SweetAnnee said...

Happy Happy Spring to you Annie..
Amazing as always..

Barb said...

So beautiful!! I'm so glad to see you have white slipcovers on your furniture. I just bought some for my couch and loveseat and wasn't sure at first. But, I like the juxtaposition of clean white and old prims. Your home is an inspiration to me, and now I'm really happy I chose the white slipcovers:)

melgooch said...

So pretty and inspiring - I need to de-winterize my house!  I just love your mantle.  I love the "design on a dime" description.  Will you be doing any local Spring shows?Happy Spring!

jenny holiday said...

Hi Annie!!
I just found your blog through etsy...and I LOVE it! I love your work/world to bits! Everything is fantastic!

I was wondering if you will be offering more of your prints anytime soon? I saw Oliver in your sold items...LOVE that lil guy!

I look forward to visiting often!
Happy Spring!
xoxo Jenny

Suzanne said...

Beautiful Annie! Love what you purchased for $20! That's great...and it looks perfect on your mantel!

Lorraine said... need your own show!!!:o)

Sam I Am said...

what a beautiful home you have!!! love the mantel..and the kitty is adorable :)

CARole said...

hello Annie. I loved seeing more photos of your house. Love the old box and the bird. I hope you will stop by for a visit on of these days.
Happy day

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

As always, you live your art. How wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty. You make it look simple.

Tina said...

Simply gorgeous!
I love getting a look like that for little money. Great job.
BTW love you work.
I'll be back to visit often

Jenny said...

Ilove love love your style. I am an interior design (or at least was professionally, I only do it for fun now mostly) But I had to comment how much I love it.


BB said...

I want to live in your's perfectly primitive and lovely....

SweetAnnee said...

Hey glad you stopped by..I think of you often
and wonder what's new at your lovely
smiles, Deena
the peach fuzz head

bluejeanprimitives said...

Ok... break time over... back to blogging Annie! LOL

poke poke nudge huggles :)

Village Folk Art said...

Doreen, Your home is sooo beautiful & 'to die for'. I too love gourds and have them all over the place...but yours look so awesome.
When you have a moment to visit, I'm passing along a blogger award to you.

Happy Autumn,

Village Folk Art

coinguyslady said...

I love your home, wish I could get my to look like that.

oksana said...

I am totaly agree with all the comments! Beautiful, warm and very cozy house!
And your blog too:)