Tuesday, January 22, 2008

knock knock knock


I'm back from the gloomies, and ready to get working!

It's frustrating to make your living with your heart in your hands, because sometimes big girl life gets in the way, and you just can't create!

Thankfully, I am inspired by the gals who surround me in my cyber world. I can feel my creativity blossoming every minute thanks to them! Thank you all for just being you!

I was gazing at Mr. Bibbles the other day, and decided to make a rendition of him...he's going to be a present for my husband...Whatcha think?



Here is a picture of a project I did for myself. I had some scrap lumber from building the house, actually part of one of my interior doors, so I painted it up. This was 2 years ago. Well some of you know that I was able to purchase my grandparents' door to the home they first built to raise their family in. This is the hardware to that door. It was broken, and so I replaced it, but was adamant about saving it. My husband thinks I'm a pack rat. Well during my latest cleaning frenzy, I found it, and decided to apply it to something so that it would not get misplaced...I think it makes a neat assemblage piece.

And here is my "oldie girl". Ginger was a little pup when we rescued her...now she's 14. She's my buddy.

And Frankie with Nonnie (pretending to be a good boy)

Have a wonderful week all...:)


Denise said...

love your rabbit - he's a beauty

Cookie said...

(relief just swept over me ... at first glance, I was afraid you went Lord of the Flies on me hehe :)

Aboo, this is absolutely phenomenal. What an awesome wascally wabbit - I wuv him!!

Your hubs is going to FLIP!

Cookie said...

PS: hi Nonnie and Frankie

Atticbabys said...

I've missed you Annie!
That rendition of Bibbles is just AMAZING!!! Your husband is going to love it! Lucky guy!

Hugs, Nan

Bluejean Primitives said...

Howwwwwwwwdee back Miss Annie!

I see you came out of your creative rut in full Chickadee force!


Bluejean Primitives said...

ps... you've been tagged!

Doreen said...

Hello Annie...So glad to see you posting again. This bunny is fantastic...I love him. Your husband is very lucky!!

I love the door you painted that is wonderful.

Happy creating

Debbie Miller of Onion Patch said...

You do such wonderful work!! Love it all!!

Suzanne said...

Love the bunny Annie! And the "cabinet door" assemblage you made using your grandparent's keepsake hardware...what a treasure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie :)

I just love your work...your paintings are wonderful!!!
Your house is fabulous...a DREAM!

I would like to put you on my Blog...is that OK with you?

hugs Ivonne

The Whimsical Goblin said...

Love Mr. Bibbles. Awesome rabbit head :)