Monday, October 29, 2007


Well, I made it through a VERY busy time. Everyone in my family has been feeling a little neglected. I have spoiled them far too much, and when "mommie" is busy, and they don't get her 2 million percent, they miss it!

Today's list...groceries, clean, give extra love, order supplies, mail sold items, update my blog (for Jean), send in my pics and descripts to my first of the month gals on Simply Primitives, Humble Arts and TDIPT Mercantile...blah blah blah. Most importantly, give extra love.

So here are some photos of the Big Show. I met some wonderful gals who know me from the cyber world...what a treasure that was!! Thanks so much for comming!!!!! It made my whole week!~

Here we are before the bell rang the first day. I was not happy to see the other vendors had come back all showered up and dressed to impress. I might have looked like I was in my Jammies! lol My mom and my hubby tell me "you look artsy."

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And here's my mom trying to flee the booth before I take pictures..ha ha! She was a savior for me at this show!

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Almost had a cat fight over these houses...

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And finally on Sunday, I had time to shower.

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Here is my sweet Gleda, who is now living with the most sweet and charming couple. Thank you!

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And Miss Ava Grace...

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Have a happy day!

and don't forget to give extra love!



Dixie Redmond said...

Annie - seeing these pictures makes me want to visit your world! Such beautiful works. And also I think dressing "artsy" is good.

Cook said...

AAAAAH is right! I could get LOST in this little corner of the world and be totally content for many days (or at least till my tummy starts rumblin)

I'm sure you sold out, with all these gorgeous pieces!

Dressing artsy = anything goes, right ? :) I wanna be artsy too!

Lana said...

Oh Annie! I could have spent all day i your booth ooohing and ahhhhing over everything!

SweetAnnee said...

Looks wonderful!! Oh I wish I'd been many wonderful things..and to meet Annie too!!!!! look sooooo cute!!

I'll give extra love today too and be thinking of you when I do it!!
fondly, deena

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi gal,
I don't know HOW you got it all done and looking s terrific! I love those houses; I would've fought over them too!!

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting all week to see these pictures! (thank you for posting them)

This is such a gorgeous booth! Everything looks perfect and matches and even you and your Mom look great!

Every item is unbelievable... those houses are to die for, so are the stuffed tree's... and of course all your paintings... sighhhhh I have to go look at these again! You were super woman these last couple weeks!

Jean <~ Big Fan of Annie's stuffness!

lovetheprimlook said...

Annie, every item in your booth was wonderful. The paintings are all beautiful. You are such a cutie too.


Wendy said...

Awesome Annie!! You did it! Everything is wonderful!

Suzanne said...

Oh Annie!! Your booth looks wonderful! You have been a busy busy girl! Love all of your beautiful offerings.

Lorraine said...

OMG, Annie!! I am are just so darned talented:o)!!! I just love everything!!! go relax, okay???

Anonymous said...

Oh Annie, your booth is just fabulous. I love all your paintings, Gleda (OMG, she is to die for), trees, houses, OH JUST EVERYTHING. You are truly in a caliber of your own. I would have loved to have been a fly in the corner listening to what everybody had to say that came into your booth. Thank you so much for sharing.

melgooch said...

I want one of everything, Annie! I hope that we are able to make it to see you at the Host! My mom came to see you at the little Sturbridge show and is another huge fan! Hope you get to rest a little now!



Dana said...

OMG Annie!!! I just LOVE your booth and ALL of your goodies!!! You must have worked night and day for months preparing all those lovelies!!! I'm insanely envious ... I would love to have my home look JUST like your booth, filled to the brim with YOUR goodies. And you look RAVISHING!!! You must still be walking every day ... you look just awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your pics with us!!!