Friday, July 6, 2007

Mini Frank

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Michelle Sylvia said...


This is just soooo precious and hilarious all at the same time!! He is such a cute Kitty!!!


Dana said...

Oh Annie! That gave me quite a giggle this morning!!! How very sweet!!! He is such a precious peanut, I can't believe how FAST he is growing!!! :) I am home from Italy ... finally feeling human again, LOL. Jet lag is tough ... I know, poor me, right? ;) I LOVE LOVE LOVE you angel girl ... OMG! Did you find a home for her already?! If not, email me where she's available so I can have a peek!!! You know I've always been a fan of your work and I adore angels.

Many hugs for you dear friend!!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...


CraBBy GaBBy said...

This is just toooo cute!! thanks for sharing and making us smile ;)

Lorraine said...

LOL, Annie!! Gotta love Frank!!!

Suzanne said...

Annie~ what a cutie! Those photos just made me laugh, so sweet.

Pea said...

Oh my gosh how sweet is that? Little frank playing with a dolly that looks like him. What a adorable pair.
I am very pleased that he lived through the fridge ordeal. Poor dear kitten. Courious little one isn't he?
Give him a hug for me. I am sure you don't need a excuse to do that with that sweet face.

Cheryl said...

Hi Annie,
I met you and your mom at the show in Sturbridge. I talked w/you about your blog and your rug pattern that I bought from Jill at Frontier Homestead. I enjoy your blog and all the items you make. You are very talented and your booth looked wonderful. Hope your show was great. Your home is so warm and inviting. Can you tell me where you got your bathroom vanity from the one in the pictures. I need a vanity for my master bath, which right now has no vanity.
Blessings ~ Chery