Monday, June 25, 2007

Trash to Treasure

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My family and I built this house for 4 years, following a design we drew up on paper. Sometimes, i'd get out of bed at night, living 30 miles away in a dangerous city, and drive out here just to see the moon beams falling down upon her. I dreamed of living here.

Yesterday, my DeeDee and me, tea stained some buntings and hung them up. She has no short term memory, and was footing the ladder for me. One time, when I felt as if I might fall, I looked down to see her casually dusting off the bottom two rungs. Ha ha ha...we had a nice day.

When I went back into the house, I realized the buntings made a pretty treatment from the inside too.

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We were so proud of ourselves! And ignored my husband's pleas to NOT put holes in the house.

This morning, I took some more pictures around the house.

Here's one of my shelving unit in the loft. It houses an old oven that my grandfather bought me on the side of the road. Inside is where I keep my stereo.

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On top, is an old mantel clock from my Aunt Ida. She's gone now, and was my DeeDee's favorite sister.

But the prize is at the very top.

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An old breadbox filled with love letters between my grandparents while he was away at war.


Blair Creek Cabin said...

What a life you live dear Annie Girl!
Much love and happiness to always, I so enjoy your lil stories!
Give Dee Dee a big hug for me!

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

Oh, Annie, I want to live in your house and be part of your family! Such sweey stories. Glad Deedee had a good day.


Suzanne said...

Annie~ So glad you had a good day with DeeDee, the bunting looks great! As does the rest of your home. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Dixie Redmond said...

Annie - you have a beautiful blog, a beautiful home, and the reason is that you have a beautiful heart.

Isn't it nice when we do something that's beautiful in one way we often get a "surprise" beauty?


Lorraine said...

Oh what fun, annie!!

I'm so glad you and DeeDee had a good day!! I love your home!!

CARole said...

Hi Annie, I wanted to tell you how much I love your home. The buntings look beautiful and so does the flag on the door. What is above the door? I can't see. I totally love the way the buntings look from inside your house! I'll bet you love that! I have a bunch of love letter too, in an old box. I treasure them and for several days, got hung up on reading them. These letters were sent to my mother's sister in the early 30's. Funny, but I was going to talk about them on my blog one of these days. Come on over for a visit.

Nanny's Cottage said...

Annie, how beautiful! I so enjoyed your sharing the inside of your house! Simply stunning!
And how wonderful that you posess such a treasure as your grandparent's love letters! Priceless....

CountryfolkKeepsakes said...

Aboo, I love all your sentimental pieces in your lovely home. Those love letters are priceless.
Sounds like you and Dee Dee had a memorable day.
Pay no mind to your hubby. ;) Do what ya like to your home. That's what makes it so special. Eventually he'll give in, mine did. :D

Lana said...

Annie, you KNOW I love your home and everything you do. I'm glad you and Dee-Dee had a good day.

Sylvia Anderson said...

Your home is so lovely Annie....and the buntings look so nice from the inside as well as the out! Those letters are a true treasure, and I bet you've spent many hours reading thru them.

Erla Erlingsdóttir said...

Dear Annie.
I cam across your blog in connection with trying to create an angel for Brianna.
I love what you are doing and your house is magical!!! WONDERFUL.
Good luck with your angel.
It is true, how can one do something to commemorate such an emotional issue.
Good luck, I have put you site as a link on my site.