Thursday, April 12, 2007

Creative Expression

Instead of talking to my feeble sewing machine, i thought it would be fun to have an online dialogue . I promise to keep the "bleeps" to myself and to my sewing machine. After all, she is used to it!

I am a novice at my craft, having only been creating primitive folk art for two years. I guess after leaving my big girl life behind in search of peace and quiet here in the country, I've become inspired. I had the gift of being a caregiver for my grandfather for three years. He taught me a lot about the important things in life. He had the cutest smile...

I used to write all of the time. Many times, as I would drive down the road, I'd suddenly have to pull a gum wrapper out from the console, or between the seats, to scribble down my own version of short hand for a poem I would write when I reached home.

Now I feel as though my thoughts and feelings have started coming out in more tangible forms. I once read an article about doll making being good for the soul and coming from the heart. I do believe that is true.

So from time to time, I will post a project on route to its destination of completion. Maybe you will learn something from me as I have learned from so many using similar methods. If not, I hope you enjoy my creative meanderings nonetheless.



Dana said...

Annie, it is such a pleasure to see your blog up and running. You can bet I will be a regular here as I so admire your work and your writing. Keep up the awesome work! Hugs, Dana

Lana said...

Annie, you KNOW I love your work... and knowing what a sweetie you are... that just makes it mean that much more that I own something you made!
Take Care, Lana

Diane Duda said...

I'm so glad that I happened upon your blog. I've seen your artwork on ebay and love the things that you create.
I sell artwork on ebay, too and am even more of a novice than you, having never picked up a pencil or paintbrush until the age of 40! (well, to create artwork anyway :) )
I'm sure your blog will be a great inspiration to me.

Melgooch said...

Hi Annie!

Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I'm a great fan of your work. You mentioned that you are getting ready for some spring shows - where will you be showing? I would love to come and see you, as I am here in Brimfield (yeah - May market next week - can't wait!)



Christine said...

Dear Annie,

your paintings are precious and touch my heart.
I've always thought that dollmaking is a tangible form of your what your heart & soul feels, weaving it all together with strands of writing and thoughts... all woven into one dear little doll.
I hope to own one of these dear little painted people one day, for now I wear my little charm, she speaks volumes to me.

Lana said...

Dear Annie ~ seems like Suzanne already tagged you.... and now so have I!

Annie said...

Hey melinda! I tried to email you, but have failed to install the proper pop2 and smtp settings. Whatever that means!

ha ha...I'll be at the Asparagus and Flower Festival on the 19th at the West Brookfield Common.

I hope you can make it!

Thanks for the notes everyone!!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Annie~ I am looking forward to seeing your works in progess, and reading your thoughts of the have a wonderful eye for photography, dollmaking, painting and all things artistic! :)